Medanese style noodle – Bakmi Cong Sim


Laksa Medan. Peranakan fish noodle soup popular in Medan, North Sumatra. Also known as Asam Laksa in Penang, Malaysia. Maimun Palace during sunny day in Medan. Soto Medan. Creamy coconut milk soup with fried chicken, glass noodles, bean sprouts, egg, and potato cake from Medan, North Sumatra.

North Sumatra Journey: Lontong Medan

An estuary for those craving for medan style food, from dim sum, la mien, bakmi, seafood, fried rice, grilled rice, vegs, pancake, desserts and all Medanese culinary. The signature Jala-Jala prawn mi siram is sweet and sour noodle with lots of shrimp, with fresh pineapple cuts and paprika, is quite savory and tasty. Prawn dumpling ha kao is a bit plain, need lots of chili sauce.

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An estuary for those craving for medan style food, from dim sum, la mien, bakmi, seafood, fried rice, grilled rice, vegs, pancake, desserts and all Medanese culinary. The signature Jala-Jala prawn mi siram is sweet and sour noodle with lots of shrimp, with fresh pineapple cuts and paprika, is quite savory and tasty. Prawn dumpling ha kao is a bit plain, need lots of chili sauce.

Durian pancake is good and generous with fresh durian. Iced kiet na is too light. Service is good, waitress are attentive and knowledgeable about the products. The menu is quite appetizing, and surely people would come again to try all the menus. This resto serves vegetarian menu. One of best dimsum in J Town. Previously i thougt i only can find this place in Medan. But now, we have our own in Jakarta.

Medanese food paradise, durian pancake – Sari Laut Jala-Jala

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Best Chicken Rice Congee in Jakarta – Bubur Ayam Mangga Besar 1

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selective focus of Medan style creamy yellow chicken soup or called soto ayam it delicious with spicy, date shoot 26 november in medan north sumatra.

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Chinese foodie lovers (medanese) – Jala Jala Restaurant

Hahaha interesting article thibaud You sound like to become more and more Indonesian The Javanese are like the English of the UK, the administrators if you like, with a strictly delineated class system with those born to rule at the top living a refined life of culture and gentle harmony, an aspiring middle class who want a nice civil service job and and the forelocking-tugging peasants at the bottom. The Sundanese on the other hand are like the Irish, religiously devout certainly but more relaxed and easygoing, cheerful good-natured people but lazy as sin, enjoying life in their happy contented kampungs, making music and babies as the notion suits them.

Date of visit: February Peng Hie definitely have issues with The long rectangular restaurant offers Pontianak style Date of visit: September

Newly opened Pondok Rasa features a wide range of authentic Medan food and is run by a group of people from Medan including young chef Selamat Susanto who picked up traditional home-style recipes handed down over generations from this grandmother and mother-in-law. Best eaten piping hot! I like the sweet and nutty peanut sauce that comes with it. The chicken and mushroom are chopped up into bits, and seasoned in garlic and soy sauce before steaming together with rice. This Indonesian version of steamed chicken rice tastes slightly sweet and is served with a side of cucumber and tomato slices.

The broth has a sweet umami taste and is highly recommended if you want something light and tasty. The grilled chicken skin was slightly charred but the sweet delicious flavor was truly a mouth-watering experience for us! The fork-tender meat is also worthy of mention. What could possibly go wrong with fried rice? Fried with pieces of shredded chicken and garlic, the rice is packed with robust flavors, topped with a lovely sunny side up that has a runny yolk.

My kind of comfort food. Using coconut milk as the base, this dish had a light, sweet flavor which further enhanced the taste of the crunchy prawns. There are quite a few variants and the one served here has corn, dried orange skin, raisins and grass jelly cubes in it. There is also an option for the hot Kolak Pisang but I personally like my desserts to be cold.

Proteomic and metabonomic biomarkers for hepatocellular carcinoma: a comprehensive review

Peng Hie definitely have issues with service. They literally forget to take my brother order and left him starve for 30 minutes, while I have to remind them three times to get my Liang Tea after 45 minutes waiting. The food isn’t great either. The fried one tastes better than the one with poured down sauce they label it bun. The only good sides – probably – is the fact that Peng Hie offers halal foods, hence it safe for those who stay away from pork which my sister tend to prefer People says that these are Pontianak Kwetiaw supposed to be – fine then, I’ll stick with Medanese style.

The long rectangular restaurant offers Pontianak style kwetiaw siram, goring, garing with seafood or poultry.

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Thursday, February 18, But more than that, the richness of coconut milk in Medanese food lends itself a unique taste like no other. Experience lontong compressed rice cake the way it is served in Medan, accompanied by popular Indonesian dishes to create a curry party for your palate. Each of the dishes come in separate plates. Wine will be provided during dinner.

What’s on the Menu? Lontong – Compressed rice cake boiled in banana leaves. Chicken Curry – Spicy North Sumatran style chicken curry, stewed with kaffir lime, and lime leaves. Beef Rendang – Medan-style Beef Rendang. Top sirloin braised with Siska’s homemade curry sauce and coconut milk, then after nearly all the liquid has evaporated, the remaining sauce is caramelized by frying it in the oil that the meat released during braising.

Best Places To Meet Girls In Medan & Dating Guide

I have to say it’s one of the most tasty Congee I’ve ever eaten. The place is very simple – people come here to eat and leave very soon after they have finished. You will get a very good value for not much money.

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Either your web browser doesn’t support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Review Free to read. Enterohepatic circulation serves to capture bile acids and other steroid metabolites produced in the liver and secreted to the intestine, for reabsorption back into the circulation and reuptake to the liver. This process is under tight regulation by nuclear receptor signaling.

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FXR activation also affects lipid and glucose metabolism, and can influence drug metabolism. In the early studies, farnesol and related metabolites were proposed as possible ligands for the rat homolog, thus accounting for the original name [ 2 ]. However, subsequently, bile acids were found to be the true endogenous ligands for FXR [ 3 — 5 ], so more accurately, this receptor should have been designated the bile acid receptor. To date, more than 80 compounds have been identified as potential FXR ligands with varying degrees of affinity; these include the endogenous bile acids, and synthetic ligands Table 1.

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FXR signaling in the enterohepatic system.

A regional hub and financial centre of Sumatra , it is regarded as one of the four main central cities of Indonesia , alongside Jakarta , Surabaya , and Makassar. A gateway to the western part of Indonesia, Medan is supported by the Port of Belawan and Kualanamu International Airport , both of which are connected to the city centre via toll roads and railways. In the 18th century, its eighth king, Sultan Mahmud Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam, worked with Jacob Nienhuys , a Dutch tobacco merchant, who pioneered the opening of tobacco plantations in Medan.

With the help from the 9th Sultanate Sultan Ma’mun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alam , and also the well-known Chinese businessmen Tjong Yong Hian and Tjong A Fie , the rapid development of the economy transformed Medan into a big trading center with the nickname het land dollar , meaning “the land of the money.

Indonesian cuisine. Second location for Medan Ciak that opened this week. Tried the Lontong Sayur – rice cakes served with beef rendang.

Small diameter, lean, and smooth. The bakmi noodle itself is very tasty, not to mention the generous condiments of pork roast, pork skin, pork dumplings, and fried shallots. The portion quite generous as well. Just came here and i really exiticed to write this review, why? The price is a bit pricy for a bowl of bakmi but i think it worthy. Before we went home, i bought bacang for my breakfast tomorrow and i will update the taste tomorrow.

Its wonton is tasty and the rest is OK. Missing the opening hours of another restaurant, I made a random pick for Bakmi Cong Sim amongst a stretch of other bakmi places. It was a pleasant surprise to be served with the type of skinny thin noodle they serve in most noodle places in Hong Kong. Digging in, more surprises await Worth every bit of the 40k price tag.

Definitely makes my list of top 5 favorite noodles in Jakarta. It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a random rainbow. Own or manage this property?

Think twice before entering – Kwetiau Peng Hie

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Dear my steemian friends, There are several historic buildings in Medan that until now still exist and intact. If you was born in medan, surely know about the building. So Let’s review historic of the building one by one. The change of ownership has no effect on the physical changes or functions of the London Building Medan.

Until now, the London Building Medan is still used as the center of Lonsum. Around the London London Building there are also some old buildings of the Dutch heritage with transitional architectural styles, such as Medan Post Office, Lloyd Jakarta Building which at the time was established is the shipping company office of The Netherlands Shipping Company, two private banks formerly the building of The Netherlands Trading Campany or Nederlandsche Handel Maatschappij and once became Rotterdam’s Lloyd’s Office.

In addition, there is also Bank Indonesia building which used to be Javasche Bank office. This location is also called “Point Zero” Medan City. This means that from here the distance from Medan city center to the entire location of Medan City and other surrounding cities was measured. The building was built in by an architect named Snuyf who was the director of Dutch public works for Indonesia during the Dutch government.

The building has historical value, aesthetic value, social value, functional value and also a high structural value. That is why this building includes a protected cultural building by the government of Medan City in the form of regional regulations.

Typical Medanese Lunar New Year

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