Видео: FSX Vista: DX10 Versus DX9

FSX Vista DX10 -vs- DX9

Visual and performance differences in a visual summary. http://fs2004.info/forum/fusionbb.php.

VAS Consumption in FSX-SE DX9 vs. DX10 vs. P3D v3.2: A Comparison

In this video, I will be measuring the VAS consumption during a test flight with Concorde-X from KIAD to KJFK in FSX-SE DX9, ...

FSX Introduction - DX9/DX10 comparison side-by-side 1080p

This is a little side-by-side comparison of DX9 and DX10 gfx capabilities and features of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

FSX DX10 Fixer Review

Short review of the DX10 fixer for FSX.

fsx dx10 fixer follow up tutorial and nvidia super resolution

hi guys, this is just a follow up of my dx10 fixer series videos, i made a few changes, also i discuss the new nvidia drivers with ...

Flight Simulator X - DX10 - directx 10

Flight Simulator X - Aviação virtual Neste vídeo eu comento sobre o DIRECTX 10, também conhecido como DX10. Assista esse ...

SteveFSX DX10 Scenery Fixer

Released today! 09/20/2013. It´s not perfect as you can see. But I don´t want to switch back to DX9 anymore! Goodbye OOM:) This ...

FSX DX9 vs DX10 / ¿Cuál es Mejor?

En este video voy a tratar de explicaros qué versión es mejor de DX para jugar a FSX en función a muchos aspectos que irán ...

FSX SBGL Rio de Janeiro DX9/DX10 side-by-side comparison 1080p

2nd video with better results of DX9/DX10 comparison.

Call of Juarez Benchmark -- Dx9 vs DX 10

Call of Juarez benchmark -- Dx9 vs DX10.

FSX DX10 | 2017 INSANE GRAPHICS | Flight1 Cessna 162 VFR over Germany

FSX modded in every way possible to bring it closer to 2017 standards. Hours and hours of tweaking. All mods/addons and more ...

Assassin's Creed - DX9 vs DX10 - FPS TEST/ AMD Phenom II X4 945

Game settings: 1920x1080, all settings MAX/ON AA: OFF Vsync: OFF Recording: Relive (720p, 12500 kbps) Crimson 17.6.2 CPU: ...

FSX Settings and Tweaks Part 2 - DX10

New download link as of 09/Feb/2014 http://www.mediafire.com/download/quidsgbw2248pcd/Rotatio... Steve Parsons ...

Airbus A319 FRA to DUS | STORM | Stunning Scenery PF3 ATC

Maximum realism mode engaged. Highlights of Lufthansa flight 88, taking off from Frankfurt Intl (EDDF/FRA) and arriving into ...

Direct X 10 Vs Direct X 9 Flight Simulator X in windows 7

Direct X 10 Vs Direct X 9 Flight Simulator X in windows 7.

Testing FSX using DX10 and SweetFX

Testing FSX using DX10 and SweetFX, let me know what you think? Recorded using Fraps. FPS was at 30 for 95% of the flight, ...

Resident Evil 5 DX10 vs DX9 Fixed Benchmark 1920x1200 HD

Resident Evil 5 DX10 vs DX9 Fixed Benchmark 1920x1200 HD.

[FSX DX10] ✈ My Setup ✈

Arquivos de configuração: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhuzpz2uw794arx/AADhs_l3te1inp... Hardware: Intel ...

The Miracle of DirectX 10

See for yourself how amazing DirectX 10 can be!

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